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Optical Carrier | Fiber Optic Internet Service | Optical Fiber Providers

Optical Carrier Bandwidth Carrier Solutions Providing Services Nationwide

The Following Types Of Optical Carrier Service Are Offered:

SONET (Synchronous Optical Networking)/SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) Data Rates 

SONET/SDH Chart and Bandwidths
SONET Optical Carrier LevelSONET Frame FormatSDH level and Frame FormatPayload Bandwidth Kbps (kilo bits per second)Line Rate Kbps (kilo bits per second)
OC-1 STS-1 STM-0 50,112 51,840
OC-3 STS-3 STM-1 150,336 155,520
OC-12 STS-12 STM-4 601,344 622,080
OC-24 STS-24 1,202,688 1,244,160
OC-48 STS-48 STM-16 2,405,376 2,488,320
OC-192 STS-192 STM-64 9,621,504 9,953,280
OC-768 STS-768 STM-256 38,486,016 39,813,120
OC-3072 STS-3072 STM-1024 153,944,064 159,252,240

SONET/SDH/Optical Carrier Facts and Optical Carrier Providers

The two protocols below are standardized by the following:

  • Synchronous Digital Hierarchy or the acronym SDH is the standard defined by the ETSI or the European Telecommunications Standards Institute
  • Synchronous Optical Networking or SONET for short is the standard defined by T1.105 from American National Standards Institute and GR-253-CORE from Telcordia.
  • Optical Carrier References:

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    Using (OC-3) Optical Carrier 3 Technology For Your Data Center

    SONET (Synchronous Optical NETwork) is the parent company of OC-3. The company offers a variety of optical flavors such as OC12, OC48, OC192, OC768, and others. The OC bandwidths mostly comprise of a T1 line that is enhanced and allows enormous amounts of data and voice traffic payloads that are important components for any growing business taking into consideration the immense need to communicate cost effectively today. One circuit of OC-3 is capable of handling the data catered for by 3 T3 lines or 84 T1 lines running at speeds of up to 155Mbps.

    The Secret Life Of An (OC-1) – Optical Carrier 1

    To explain how a fiber optic cable - the most common form of optical carrier - works, then imagine you are standing at one end of a long tunnel, and your friend is standing at the other. You can send him mores signals with your flashlight. You have the flashlight so you are the transmitter. He has a pencil and paper so he is the receiver. But what if there is a bend in the tunnel? He can't see you. However, imagine if the tunnel was coated with mirrors - get the picture? The tunnel is now the carrier.

    From Parisian Fountain To Digital Holograph – The (OC-1) – Optical Carrier 1

    The transmitter in optical fibers is now provided by lasers, to ensure controlled bursts of quality light. For light to be reflected totally, it must be shone in (as our two Parisians have shown us) at over 38 degrees of angle. It then bounces off the internal surface, all the way down the fiber, where it is picked up by a receiver that converts it into an electronic pulse.

    The (OC-1) – Optical Carrier 1 – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

    Optic fiber is the most common form of optical carrier in the world. To explain how it works, imagine, when you were a kid, sending flashlight messages to your pal down the alleyway. You - the transmitter - have no problem sending your secret messages to your pal - the receiver. But what if the alleyway - the carrier - has a corner in it? No more secret messages. Now coat the walls with mirrors all along both sides. The flashlight messages bounce along both sides and your pal is back on line.

    All About The (OC-12) Optical Carrier 12

    First off, the OC-12 or optical carrier 12 is one of many types of Internet connections available. This particular type of Internet connection is rated as one of the best data transfer methods out there. This type of connection swindles through a managed router and then on to the destination.

    The Benefits Of Installing The (OC-12) Optical Carrier 12

    These types of equipment are used to route information through operating systems using a fiber optic connective wire. Fiber optic wires allow photos and real live videos to be exchange between technological equipment such as computers. The amount of information that can be sent using this type of equipment is basically unlimited along with the diverse types of information.

    OC48 – Modern Telecommunications

    These "OCs" are used by large corporations, particularly those with global offices operating worldwide. Optical carriers can handle data exchange that includes multimedia file transfer, audio and video downloads, and voice.
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